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Mark Lewis – (Center of photo) is a distinguished Navy Veteran who, in the 1970’s, suffered a serious injury while serving his country. His injury lead to severe nerve damage and decades of back pain. In 2018, he learned of CBD and sought out products that would help to alleviate his pain and anxiety. Discovering that premium CBD at an affordable price was not easy to find, he harnessed his passion for the cause, conducted extensive research and founded Galaxy Naturals™ CBD.

Our Product

Galaxy Naturals™ is an 100% USDA Organic, premium proprietary blend of CBD for maximum effectiveness and taste. This exact blend has helped Mr. Lewis reduce his pain and anxiety. Galaxy Naturals™ CBD has been successful in also helping its many loyal customers.

Our Focus

Our vision remains on fostering wellness by providing a premium quality, organic CBD to customers at an affordable price. Galaxy Naturals™ has since expanded its operation to include a White Label CBD program which has been very well received.