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5 Money Saving Tips to Start Your Own CBD Business

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CBD Store Location Photo

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Putting together a plan to start a CBD business can be a difficult process to navigate. There are a number of possibilities. In this guide, we will showcase 5 ways to help this process along and save you time and money!

If you’re just starting the research to opening a CBD business or are already in the beginning stages, you know how expensive and complicated it can be. I have one question.

If you could save tons of time and money to start your business, would you pick up a phone to call an expert to help you? I’ll come back to this question later.

I will answer the first 5 questions that will give you “real” help in your desire to jump in to the CBD arena.

It’s time to start saving both you’re time and money!


1. Brick and Mortar CBD Sales

If you have ever opened a business, you know all of the things you have to do. Everything from getting a business license, turning on the electricity and doing costly build-outs with no return on your investment for perhaps months.

What a headache. Here is the main problem with that business model when it comes to CBD.

Exposure – Your clients/buyers are only in your community. That’s it. This is very limiting. When you are just starting out in this business we believe it is a bad first step to limit your clients. Step back and take another look. There is a better way to go.


2. Online CBD Sales – Massive Audience

With this model you have broken through the “community” limitation of selling your products. You now have a nation wide audience. Yippee! If you’re just starting your CBD business adventure why not do it in front of millions rather than thousands of people?


3. CBD Website Problems and Solutions

Okay, so we now know we want to be online with our new CBD Store. But you don’t know anything about websites. This can be a “huge” problem. Or maybe not.

Simple rules to follow:

1 – Own your site. That means, no Wix, no Shopify, No entity that controls your files. Imagine spending hundreds of hours in development to only have your site shut down! Solution: WordPress. Always have your site built on WordPress period. The magic is that you can backup a copy of your site and it is yours to move to anyone you want. The correct term is to have it hosted by anyone you want. Don’t like your host? Move it. Try that with Shopify. Can’t be done. Nuff said.

2 – If you don’t know how to use WordPress then buy a turnkey site (with training provided). Don’t pay more than $500 for the package. I just talked to a prospect that paid $4000 for a website to be built and he didn’t even get training to use it! He was very happy after talking to me about shaping a better model for his business. Here is a resource for that: TURNKEY CBD SITE


4. Don’t Sell Other Brands Of CBD

Imagine building a CBD business that is yours, but based on someone else’s products like Joy Organics or MedTerra  CBD or any other number of CBD brands I could mention.

What is wrong with that business model? Well, people are people.  When they buy another companies CBD brand they can do two things that will hurt your business.

First, they can try to go directly to the brand maker to purchase cutting you out of the sale.

Second, they will shop online to compare pricing. Don’t you? And most likely will purchase the cheapest deal they can find. So who is really benefiting from this model  and building brand awareness for?   Not you.

This is why you start with your own brand. This way you capture your clients. They can’t get your branded products anywhere else except by purchased from you.

1. Get your own CBD brand. Nuff said.


5.  Don’t Spend Thousands on Branding

CBD companies charge way to much to brand there products with your label. Why? They loose repeat business. They are willing to do it though, at a price. Do you have to spend thousands to get your own brand? No, and you shouldn’t.

Look for these two things and it will tell you the whole story.

1. What do the company charge to put my label on their bottle?

2. Do they require an MOQ? This is short for Minimum Order Quantity.

So how do you choose a good White Label CBD company?

Find out if they charge a reasonable fee for your labeling. A $100 one time fee is good. A $2000 one time fee is bad.

NOTE: If they say it’s free then look for a padded MOQ. That’s where they make the money back.

Second, look for a company with a (0) Zero! MOQ – You don’t want to sit on inventory until you have a chance to sell product.

Third, check margins. Margins are what you can get in profit. 100% markup from wholesale to retail is great. Example. You buy your boxed and bottled product for $20 wholesale and can sell it for $40 retail. Try not to settle for less in your White Label Company. True partners should be splitting profits. Not one partner getting rich while the other struggles to make ends meet.

And that is all you’ll need to look for. Here is a resource: WHITE LABEL CBD.


Conclusion: To Sum It All Up

Follow these tips and you’ll be way ahead of the pack when it comes to problems CBD companies face.

1. Online is King and cheap

2. Get a WordPress site with training and don’t spend more than $500

3. Get your own brand – Don’t spend $2000

4. Don’t carry inventory – Get a no (MOQ) Minimum Order Quantity

Remember my question: “If you could save tons of time and money would you pick up a phone and call an expert?”

Here is that telephone number: 626-598-0314. I personally will answer these and many other questions you may have including marketing and promotion to save you time and money on your adventure absolutely free. No strings attached!

I also started this adventure the same way you are. I feel it is a privilege to be able to help others in the same way I have been helped. I must admit that the ones who have helped me were few and far between. I suppose that is what separates those who do and those who do not. I have always been a doer. Ask anyone who knows me. I wish only the best for your and what your trying to accomplish. If I can be of help, just let me know.

My best regards,

Mark A. Lewis

Owner – Galaxy Naturals CBD


Start Your CBD Brand For $99

Guide To Buy CBD Online – Helpful Hints

buy cbd online

Buy CBD Online With Success

CBD has become very popular over the the last few years. It is one of the top selling products in the health and wellness industry today. Some data about CBD and other research for extra data is being conducted every day. Cannabidiol or CBD is from the industrial hemp plant which is a cousin to the marijuana (Sativa) plant. CBD and it’s cousin marijuana are different. CBD contains only trace amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC. This is the element which can get a person (high). The beauty of this plant is it’s medical benefits.
Many local shops now sell many CBD products as a means to make money. Many of the shops don’t know of it’s benefit and cannot explain very much about the products they sell. This is not only due to a lack of knowledge but also due to Federal Laws prohibiting false or inaccurate claims. Some local shops do not buy their products from reputable sources. This has led to many people having the wrong impression about using CBD.


Purchasing at a store vs. cbd oil shopping online

Shopping for CBD at a store can be a problem. You see a bottle behind a counter. No descriptive information appears on the counter or box. The person behind the counter dispenses very little usable information about the product. So what can you do?


The process of purchasing CBD online is safe and easy. You can save your time and money too! Here are a few reasons why you should buy CBD online:
1. Easily verify the brands’ reputation via reviews from previous buyers. You surf the web, search for any product and read reviews before you buy.
2. Most companies post lab results for their products on their website. Some of these companies update their lab reports for each product monthly. You’ll be able to review the recent information on products on the site.
3. Compare brands, pricing and availability on line. This may include the dosage, the type of CBD they sell, and the ingredient list for each product. By purchasing online, your decision-making process becomes much more straightforward and streamlined.
4. Another way to save money is to subscribe to a brand. Discounts and sales are usually offered to subscribed customers. You don’t usually need to qualify for such sales if you are a recognized customer. This can save you time, money and get your products shipped to you with less effort.



Things to considering buying from a CBD oil shopping store.
Some things to consider:
Don’t go shopping for CBD with a low price tag in mind
Since this is a substance you plan on putting inside of your body. Cost should be a minor issue.
We recommend buying quality CBD at a low price. Of course.
Receive get good value from most online CBD Oil shops compared to a storefront.
At Galaxy Naturals™ we offer you an online shop with best in class products at a reasonable prices.
Check for bulk discounts and coupons.
This will help you save money, and you will get the best value for the product you are purchasing.
Shop around.
Although there are many name brand CBD oil shops, you shouldn’t be afraid of shopping around. We recommend that you test the oil product to find the one that works best for you.



Contemplating investing in CBD OIL for a business? It is vital to choose the best White Label CBD / Private Label CBD partner. White labeling is amongst the best ways one can start a CBD business. But before you make an investment you need to do your research. This can help you increase your chances of success in the CBD oil industry. Here are some factors to consider:

Do Your Research

Be knowledgeable about CBD. Learn about Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD. Here is a video from Dr. Jack with this information. You can’t ask the right questions if you don’t already know the answers you seek from a company. Lab reports tell the story on what your selling. Always ask for labs.


Picking a White Label CBD or Private Label Partner

Look for a partner with good experience and a strong reputation. You can measure the legitimacy of an industry or company by how successful they are (to a degree). They should be well conversant with CBD laws and regulations. A big issue is finding a way to contact other White Label CBD partners that use this company. You can click here to read from our White Label partners. There experience with the company is invaluable to you making a good decision. Always ask to talk to or get contact for another partner. Click here for a video on our White Label CBD Program.

Initial Cash Investment – (Very Important)

Zero dollars would be the best answer we could give. That is not realistic though.

(Low dollar investment strategy)
Follow these guidelines to have the best opportunity for success. You will spend less and get more.


It costs money to set up your labeling for your CBD Product line. Don’t pay too much. If the company wants you as a partner they are willing to keep this cost very low. $100 is perfect. Anymore is too much.

Inventory Investment

In contrast to Galaxy Naturals CBD, a company requires you to buy 12 of each SKU it can get expensive right out of the gate. 10 products time 12 each at $20.00 wholesale is $2400.00!
Look for a company with white label cbd with no minimum purchase required.


Clearly this is important. They should do drop shipping free of extra charges. Why should they care who or where they ship to? This can only be work with a no minimum purchase company. If they required 12 SKU’s at a time your stuck with 11 bottles. Ordering one bottle to ship to one client is the way to go.
This makes sure that your clients get fresh products. If it is sitting on your shelf for months it is getting old.
In closing, the growth potential in the CBD industry is on the rise. We can’t speculate on how big the sector may turnout to be in the future. Read articles before purchasing a product or becoming a White Label CBD Partner. To buy from a trusted supplier, visit Galaxy Naturals CBD. We provide quality organic CBD products to our customers at affordable prices. Read our reviews from our customers and White Label CBD Partners.

How to use CBD for best results – Delivery Methods

guide for cbd girl

What is the best way to use CBD?

The Guide For CBD

Are You Considering Using CBD?

Taking the leap to introduce CBD into your lifestyle may seem a little daunting for the first-time user. There are so many options available for you to try. Which one is best for you? Here is a simple guide for CBD.

What should I expect from CBD? (A Magic Bullet?)

The way you use / consume CBD can determine how effective or ineffective it can be. This measurement of potential effectiveness is called “bio-availability”.

Simply stated, “bio-availability” means how much CBD gets into your blood stream to do its magic.


The Dreaded CBD Studies – A Guide for CBD

Clearly how you consume CBD makes quite a big difference in it’s effectiveness. For new CBD users this can be complicated. Especially if you don’t enjoy reading study after study to figure it all out.

How To Take CBD For Optimum Results

According to Mark Lewis, founder of Galaxy Naturals™ CBD, “The best way to use CBD is the one that is A) most effective and B) least harmful to the consumer,”. There are studies which suggest that inhalation and sublingual use are the two most effective delivery methods. Vaping and sublingual use (aka under the tongue) tinctures are some of the effective methods because they deliver the CBD right into the bloodstream.

On the other hand, a CBD supplement or an ingestible such as a gummy or an infused drink with CBD would have to be absorbed through the digestive tract, which takes longer and the result in a less potent effect. CBD creams or lotions would be absorbed topically through your skin.

Read this list of CBD delivery systems in order of effectiveness and safety:

50-60% – Vaping – Considered Unsafe

20-30% – Under tongue/Sublingual Tincture – Safe

6-8% Ingestibles – Gummy, Candy Bar, Infused Water – Safe

6-8% Topical Cream – Safe


Based on our findings, I can easily make the recommendation that the sublingual/under the tongue method is the safest and most effective CBD delivery system.

  • Vaping can be harmful to your lungs
  • Ingestibles have a lower absorption rate
  • Topical applications can’t penetrate the Dermal layer effectively*

*To note additionally an option for the topical issue would be to buy CBD Transdermal patches. This would improve absorption up to 20%.


Three CBD Formulations You Need To Know

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate CBD – Which is best for you?

First it is important to mention what forms of CBD are available and how the formulations differ in this guide for CBD.

Full SpectrumEverything is present. As the name suggests it is a complete plant extract. It not only carries CBD but a whole grouping of cannabinoids that work together. Some of these other cannabinoids are CBC, CBG, CBN, etc. The extra cannabinoids in a full spectrum extract give you the maximum benefits of CBD’s true potential.

Broad SpectrumSomething is missing. A Broad Spectrum extract is a partial plant extract. When something is filtered out during distillation, the end result is a Broad Spectrum extract. THC-free CBD is an example of a Broad Spectrum CBD. There is no such thing as a Full Spectrum THC-Free CBD. If any component of a full plant extract are removed the result is a Broad Spectrum extract.

Isolate CBDEverything is missing except CBD. A CBD isolate is exactly as it sounds — the CBD has been isolated and concentrated. Isolates are used in many different products to include beverages, lotions, and other topical applications. You will rarely see a full spectrum CBD extract used in a lotion or cream. It is much less costly to use an isolate for those types of products. Isolated CBD has the least amount of benefit to the end user due to no other cannabinoids being present to work together as a team.


Helpful Tips

Consult Your Doctor

If you have any medical condition, it’s possible that CBD may interact with medication. With this in mind, you should always talk with your doctor before starting to use CBD.

Look for Third-Party Lab reports

As you read our guide to CBD, you’ll notice that we recommend products that rely on third party testing that verify purity and potency. Most companies provide information to verify their products have no contaminants and also to verify potency. Note that 100% organic products will clearly be labeled as 100% organic. They are more expensive than conventional products. NOTE: 100% Natural is NOT 100% organic.

Buy products that work well and fit you

With this in mind we can recommend the following guidelines.

  • Buy CBD Oil that is 100% organic
  • Learn about bio-availability and what method of use. This provides the best opportunity for an advantageous outcome
  • Consider THC-Free if you are a first responder, teacher, professional driver or anyone required to or subject to random drug testing.

New to CBD? Start with a low dose

Becoming more educated on CBD you will note it is wise to start with a small dose to see how cannabinoids affect you. CBD is expensive and high dosages are not usually required. You’ll find by starting at a low dose and increasing it over time you will find a sweet spot – not too much, not too little. You’re looking for that Goldilocks zone. Track your usage so you can have a record of what is working and what is not. More is not always better.

Look for product and customer service reviews

In view of everything we have discussed you can tell a lot about a product you are considering using by reading the reviews and testimonials on a companies website. about the level of customer service they provide.


Galaxy Naturals™ and you…

Once our guide for CBD is read and you have chosen your appropriate CBD products, it is now time to find a company that can provide you with a quality, verified quality CBD product.


Lastly, we at Galaxy Naturals™  expect your CBD experience to be a good one.  Therefore it is important that you are confident about the quality of the products you have selected. Review our third-party test results. We will provide you with excellent products and customer service. We are also here and actually answer our phones. Call with any questions or concerns you may have starting your CDB journey.


Our best regards,

Mark Lewis – Owner Founder and the staff at Galaxy Naturals