Galaxy Naturals Pet Formula contains Full Spectrum CBD oil for pets. Not only is our product natural but it is combined with 100% Organic MCT oil. The medium chain triglyceride oil is the Verdana Brand. As a matter of fact, Verdana is a premium, cold pressed, food grade, kosher oil and derived from 100% Organic coconuts.

Galaxy Naturals CBD oil also contains vitamins, minerals, terpenes, and other cannabinoids with trace amounts of THC >.03%. Furthermore, our product is Non-Psychoactive. Also made in the USA.
Why Our Full Spectrum Products Works
Sublingual and Food Delivery

Under the tongue “sublingual” or placed in food is use the most popular method to take CBD and the same is true for your furry friends. This is accomplished by placing the appropriate dose in a pill pocket or mixed in with food.

The benefit of this method is the ability to dose correctly. Another advantage of sublingual drops is the bio-availability, which has been reported to be around 30-40%. Moreover the CBD is going directly into the blood stream. The absorption is very efficient. The effects of CBD taken sublingually can usually be felt within 15-20 minutes with this method of delivery.
Entourage Effect of Full Spectrum CBD Oil For Pets

Equally important, our CBD oils are known for the “Entourage Effect” documented in 1987. The full extraction of all components of the hemp plant will work together in a synergistic relationship to maximize the CBD’s potential.
Product Safety

Safety is also our first concern. CBD quality is second. By the same token quality is no less important to us.

Lab results are accessible on the “Labs” tab of our website. If you have any questions about our products please use our “Contact Us” link.